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Mud Fossils Chemistry

What are mud fossils? Mud fossils are things that have been covered by mud during floods and  have turned into stone. When animals, people or plants gets covered with differen’t kinds of fine material muds then no oxygen can get in, and as time passes a flow of electrons passes through the dead material during certain conditions and then these animal, humans or plants gets literally turned into stone, ofcause this can take a really long time, but there are plenty of examples that this has happened. Every rock have at one time been a part of an animal, people or a plant. We are actually living on top of a bone yard, because this earth plane is millions of years old.

Earth have been flooded many times in the past. Every time creatures have been trapped and literally drowned in mud. That’s why there are lots of mud fossils to find almost everywhere. If you do not look for them and understand then you can not find them. You have to know what to look for. The most important thing is color. The right color tells you where or what a stone is. There are also special patterns to look fore. Red stones for example have iron in them. Iron is in the blood and mud fossils turn black or rust colored when turned into stone.

Where did the mountains and stuff come from? They are creatures and plants that have turned into stone because of floods and ice ages they have been compressed and converted to rock. This planet is a rock planet. The planet converts everything to rock eventually. We, people, humans, do not belong here. We where brought here and this is not our home planet in my opinion.


Here are one of my favorite mud fossils stone video makers:

Stone silikon planet

Was this plane a silikon planet in some distant time? There are people that think that silikon was this panets original configuration and that carbon life forms where introduced at a later date. And that these silikon life forms where much larger. Like in larger trees and larger animals. The same animals and animals from the myths like dragons but much much larger. There are evidence of larger people so this is not as impossible as some think.




Here are another of my favorite video makers regarding old petrified stone structures:


We live on a planet that is a great mystery and it is so old that finding out the real story behind it is almost impossible. A stone can be so much more than just a stone and it is amazing to see that people are so asleep that they can not see that a rock formation that for example looks like an elephant actually can be an elephant frozen in stone. They just think about everything as a rock and a natural formation.




Marian Anderson – Ave Maria

Here are an old recording of Ave Maria that I treasure. This was played at the funeral of Wilhelm Reich the inventor of orgone boxes.


Oregone boxes are really simple devices that distribute chi energy. Wood for example distribute chi energy and this is why you feel good if you take a walk into the woods. Waterfalls and the blue ocean also distribute chi or orgone energy. Orgone is just one name for this energy. Chi, prana or ki is life force energy. You only have to place yourself in front of this energy to enjoy the benefits. What are the benefits? A longer more healthy life. sitting inside of a house box engulfed in electric devices is not very healthy and do not contribute to a long life. You got to get out and exercise by walking in a orgone rich environment. Wearing the right color clothing can also contribute to better health. I like blue or green. Blue for ocean and green for the woods.

Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich went to prison for distributing orgone boxes. He where to serve two years imprisonment but died in prison of Lewisburg Federal Pen of a massive heart failure at 60 years of age. And really he was innocent because he was only trying to distribute, what nature is distributing every day out in the wild. If you get what you need of orgone energy into your body then you will live longer and be more healthy. That is the crux of it really.

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